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To correct, protect and preserve the water resources and other natural assets of Devils Lake from misuse and pollution. To encourage the improvement of the overall environmental and economic use of the lake as a recreational, scenic asset for all time to the entire Lincoln City area.

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PADL usually meets the fourth Saturday of the month at the Union 50 Club, 1115 SE 1st, blue building south of the D River. The annual meeting is usually held in June or July. Speakers with expertise in lake concerns are invited to meetings to share information. Members and guests are always welcome.

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In the early 1980's the lake was choked with excessive aquatic vegetation in late summer and fall which made the lake practically unusable. The Preservation Association of Devils Lake (PADL), a nonprofit citizen's group was formed in 1982 to primarily address uncontrolled plant growth in Devils Lake. PADL was instrumental in forming the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) in 1984 which is a "special district" under Oregon Law supported by a tax base. DLWID has a full time manager.

PADL works with DLWID to address lake concerns that include: erosion prevention and sediment control, nutrient control, education, recreation, safety and health, vegetation, wastewater, and water quality.

• Sewer all of Devils Lake
• Septic system maintenance
• Prevent erosion and control sediments from entering the lake
• Protect waterfowl and fish habitats
• Preserve wetlands and the forested watershed around Devil Lake

PADL's accomplishments include:
• instrumental in forming the Devils Lake Water Improvement District to address excessive aquatic plant growth in the lake
• testified in Salem and supported the creation of a Center for Lakes and Reservoirs at Portland State University
. Dr. Mark Sytsma and PSU study invasive species.
Education, Interpretation and Research
• distributed educational signs about fish, invasive species and boating safety
• helped fund the tsunami sign at Regatta Park
• worked with graduate students from PSU and Oregon State University on lake research
• supported PADL member Al Rice's wood duck nest box construction program by Taft High School students with NW Natural grant funds
• monitored waterfowl

• donated the book, "Wetland Plants of Oregon & Washington", to the Driftwood Library
• purchased a stereo microscope to use at events, funds came from an Earth Day Every Day grant
• brought speakers to PADL meetings and annual meetings to educate the membership and general public about topics such as erosion, invasive species, coho salmon, septic systems, water quality, algae, bathymetry (depth) and GIS
• researched and distributed information about alternatives to burning in the county around the lake (Lincoln City has a burn ban ordinance)
• distributed educational fliers about lead fishing tackle
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control
• researched erosion prevention ordinances in other coastal communities, and drafted an erosion control ordinance that was accepted as a compromise by contractors, the city, the county, and the Devils Lake Water Improvement District
• worked with the city and the Devils Lake Water Improvement to establish and promote an Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Workshop
• held Grass Carp Festivals for several years, beginning in 1986
• co-sponsored three annual Wildlife and Migratory Bird Festivals (1999, 2000 and 2001). From Forest To Ocean: A Celebration of Nature's Diversity in our Coastal Watersheds
• co-sponsored with the Union 50 Club local International Migratory Bird Day events in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008
• for Earth Day 2003, worked with Oregon State University Extension Service and Salmon-Drift Creek Watersheds Group on a naturescaping project at Holmes Road Park, and in 2002, planted rhododendrons and removed ivy at the Spring Lake Open Space
• 5/06, 5/07, 5/08 - helped DLWID with their SOLV Down By the Riverside lake clean-up
Invasive Species
• worked with the Portland State University Center for Lakes and Reservoirs and the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) to distribute signs to boat launch areas (city and state parks) and lakefront property owners
• compiled an invasive species identification sheet with drawings and photos
• speakers and videos about invasive from PSU, HMSC and Oregon Sea Grant
• pulled purple loosestrife

• arranged to have a local, wetlands scientist testify at the City of Lincoln City Council meeting on Oregon Planning Goals 5 and 17 to determine significant wetlands, and lake protection
• Early 2006 - participated in a committee to look at guidelines and Best Management Practices for boathouses
• 4/06 - attended the Rock Creek dam meeting where a method of dam modification to allow coho salmon passage was decided
• attended Oregon Coast Birding Trail planning meetings and helped with lake area site reviews
• wrote letters to keep East Devils Lake State Park open
• donated funds to West Devils Lake State Park for an interpretive trail north of the D River
• 7/05 - had the Marine Patrol officers and Lincoln County sheriff speak at the PADL annual meeting

• worked to bring in the grass carp to remove excessive aquatic vegetation in the lake
• 2004 - attended hearings at the HMSC and Salem and testified before the ODFW commission to prevent removal of grass carp
• made the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife book, "Naturescaping, a Place for Wildlife" available to members, and encouraged planting of native vegetation in riparian areas around the lake
• completed a sewer survey of lake area residents in 1998
• participated in updating the city's wastewater master plan, completed in 2003
• worked with other supporters for the successful passing of the Lincoln City wastewater bond measure in November 2004
Water Quality
• volunteers took water samples, and secchi depth measurements
• sent educational information about protecting water quality and conserving water
• encouraged responsible pet waste removal
• looked into blue-green algae health concerns
Watershed Preservation
• worked with other supporters for the successful passing of the Lincoln City open space bond measure in 1998. Open spaces purchased with the funds to date to protect the Devils Lake watershed include Alice Park, Burrows, D River, Jacobson addition to Spring Lake, Friends of Wildwoods and Trails, and Seid Creek

PADL's contacts include: EPA, DEQ, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Health, ODOT, ODFW, Oregon Department of State Lands, Oregon State Marine Board, Oregon State Parks, Oregon Water Resources Department, USFW, US Forest Service, Sheriffs' office, Siletz Tribe, colleges and universities, government officials, etc.

In the past, PADL has made available for members to purchase:
Apparel: polo shirts, sweatshirts, and T-shirts with the PADL logo
Lake Photos
: aerial photo of Devils Lake
Naturescaping Books: "Naturescaping, a Place for Wildlife"

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