Board of Directors

Chair Susie Fischer and Treasurer John Lazier talk to Lincoln County Sheriff Dennis Dotson at a PADL annual meeting.


Board member Elvera McCamman (right) talks to PADL members Betty Wachs and Terry Smith after a PADL annual meeting.

Officers - One year term Term


Chair Susie Fischer 6/07   Elected
Vice-Chair Don Sell 6/07   Elected
John Lazier 6/07   Elected
Directors - Three year terms
Director #1 Gary Riback 6/06   Elected
Director #2 Elvera McCamman 7/05   Elected
Director #3 Lenny Nelson 7/05   Elected
Director #4        
Director #5        
Alternates - One year term
Alternate #1        
Alternate #2        

Chair: Susie Fischer - Graduated from the Oregon College of Education and second year Law at the University of Idaho. She is the owner of a paralegal business. She volunteers for CASA, a children's advocacy organization.

Vice-Chair: Don Sell - Serves on the DLWID budget committee. Owns the Lakehouse Bed and Breakfast.

Secretary/Treasurer: John Lazier - He is an expert in computer hardware and software, database management, and other electronic concerns. Retired Hewlett Packard engineer.

Elvera McCamman
- Lives on the lake. Enjoys feeding and counting as many as 100 grass carp in front of her property.

Lenny Nelson - She is a past member of the Lincoln City Planning Commission, Budget Committee and Wastewater Committee. Manager of the "The Office". She has a background in the high tech industry. A Minnesota Viking fan.

Gary Riback - Gary has served on the DLWID Boathouse and Dock Committee and composed letters for PADL concerns. Gary enjoys living on the lake, boating, and frisbee golf. He is an electrician.

Board of Directors Officers:
Chair: Susie Fischer - 541-994-6178
Vice-Chair: Don Sell - 541-996-8938


Support (not board members)

Raylene Erickson - Minutes, Membership, Newsletter, Letters, Scheduling, Website, Database

Travis Reeves - Website support. Thanks to Trinity Computers for donated website help.

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