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Mission: To correct, protect and preserve the water and other natural assets of Devils Lake from misuse and pollution. To encourage the improvement of the overall environmental and economic use of the lake as a recreational, scenic asset for all time to the entire Lincoln City area.

To become a PADL member, do one of the following:
1. Print out this form, fill in, and send it with your check to PADL
2. Fill out this form online and submit online to PADL, and send your check in the mail to PADL
3. Attend a PADL meeting, fill out a form and give your check to the treasurer

Membership runs from the month of June around the annual meeting and lasts until the next annual meeting.

PADL membership fee:
Send a check for $25.00
to PADL, P.O. Box 36, Lincoln City, OR 97367

  Mail Address
  Telephone (home)
  Telephone (business)
  Devils Lake Address
  Number of Vehicles
  Number of Boats
  Property Owner Yes            No
  Membership is New          Renewal

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