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Proposal: Water Ski Course

Susie Fischer, Chair
PO Box 36
Lincoln City, OR 97367
April 12, 2005

Jill Andrick
435 Commercial St. NE, #400
PO Box 14145
Salem, OR 97309-5065


Dear Ms. Andrick:
Volunteers formed The Preservation Association of Devils Lake over 20 years ago. Its mission is simply to be a dedicated steward for the lake. In that spirit, the members and board of PADL have considered this proposed use of Devils Lake.
   Major issues of concern include lake health and habitat welfare, local economics; safety for people and animals; and the liability risks involved with granting this request.
   After diligent deliberation and vote, our position is as follows:

1. PADL asserts Stewardship of Devils Lake vis-a-vie
   a. Long term Association for Preservation through
   b. All Volunteer advocates and many dues paying members -
   c. With a track record of positive advocacy.
2. While Devils Lake is used for various water activities, it is also a peaceful and serene neighborhood of retired folk; flora, fauna, and avian habitats; anglers; swimmers; tourists; and an occasional boat race:
   a. The annual boat race is an established, two day event, which does not place obstacles in the lake,
   b. The annual boat race infuses Lincoln City’s economy with minimal lake impact.
3. Devils Lake is not large, only about 640 acres:
   a. It is an extremely eutrophic area, currently facing significant nutrient-rich contamination challenges; continuing invasive species issues, and careless usage problems;
   b. PADL and others recognize its vulnerability,
   c. Devils Lake has limited safe space and is sparsely patrolled.
4. The lakeside residents pay heavily for the privilege of living on our lake through property taxes and high property prices:
   a. Awareness of lake stewardship is vital to lake survival;
   b. Water Ski Course users would pay nothing toward Lake Stewardship;
   c. Property owners pay for Sheriff’s patrols via taxes;
   d. Lake usage is an inclusive activity and responsibility;
   e. Water ski course users are not vested in the Lake Neighborhood.
5. Major users of this water ski course are youths, akin to skate board park users:
   a. Clean-up is expensive,
   b. Liability is high for maintaining a safe “authorized” course;
   c. Who is the responsible authority?
6. Policing the lake is very expensive and limited:
   a. Parents have responsibilities regarding their children,
   b. No provisions for supervision have been provided,
   c. Self-policing has not been addressed.
   d. Who will pay for additional policing?
7. Medical resources are a concern:
   a. Who assumes the risk of the uninsured?
   b. Lincoln City?
   c. Lincoln County?
   d. State of Oregon?
8. Devils Lake is a prime target for such “authorizations” for specific usages:
   a. Little regulation is available,
   b. Users apply for permission to do something huge,
   c. Devils Lake has few advocates,
   d. PADL is a great and persistent advocate.
9. The impact of the requested use of Devils Lake would be dramatic:
   a. Influx of pollutants from boat motors and the resulting oil slicks;
   b. Increased introduction of invasive species via boat/trailer/gear transfer;
   c. Increased wake damage to riparian habitat and private docks;
   d. Increased noise and visual pollution which affects the quiet enjoyment of the lake;
   e. Increased interference with anglers;
   f. Increased littering and subsequent damage;
   g. Increased safety risks, especially for the youthful users;
   h. Increased need for sheriff’s patrols;
   i. Unfair distribution of resources;
   j. No provision for such impacts by applicants.
   k. Who will pay for these risks and damages?
For these and other reasons, PADL vigorously opposes the granting of permission to establish a water ski course on our lake as being a de facto detriment and hazard to the Devils Lake Neighborhood.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Preservation Association of Devils Lake in compliance with its Mission and Purpose with full authority and effect:
Susie Fischer, Chair
Preservation Association of Devils Lake
PO Box 36
Lincoln City, OR
541-994-6178 (Home)
541-264-0268 (Cell)
541-994-5916 (Fax)

4/24/05 - Letter to PADL from G. B.
My brother and I are second generation homeowners on Devils Lake with a perspective dating back to approximately 1964.  We vacationed on the lake at the time at the Lakeshore Marina with our parents eventually buying a home and retiring on the lake.  It was a beautiful place and mill foil had not overtaken the lake.  
I am concerned when reading the information on the grass carp, and the apparent lack of understanding about what the lake had become prior to their being introduced into the lake.  Do people really understand just how unusable the lake had become to all but the bass fisherman?  We can tell you stories about the milfoil snagging the centerboard on the sailboat and stopping it instantly while underway, being forced to stop the motorboat to clear weeds in order to continue on, falling while skiing headfirst and wondering if I could pull myself to the surface with the pile of milfoil on my head which made me look like a monster from the deep, and watching my Dad trying to cut the lilly pads so he could get his boat to the dock.  Forget about diving off the dock and swimming.  It was impossible.
I realize there are concerns with any solution, but letting the lake go back to what it was is just unacceptable for economic and recreational use reasons.  Forget about having discussions about a water ski course.  It won't be an option.  The grass carp may not be the perfect solution, and perhaps were not at the time, but we can thank the people involved with PADL for making the tough decision and saving the lake.  Gary Blackmore

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