In addition to ongoing programs such as erosion prevention and wastewater, PADL has worked on several community programs:

Wetlands Interpretive Trail at West Devils Lake State Park
Miracle on NE 1st Street
Final phase completion beginning September 2006
After over 10 years, the last phase is finally underway that will connect West Devils Lake State Park to the gravel parking area at NE 1st St just east of the D River. Park Manager Kathy Wagner began the trail years ago. Her daughters worked on the trail through the Youth Conservation Corps. The trail was endorsed by the local schools for education. After waiting about ten years, a new Manager Kevin Strandberg wrote a grant for the boardwalk and signs. Lincoln City engineer and Division of State Lands had to agree on the plans which took more time.
PADL contributed:
      1. Wrote a letter in support of the original trail - 1995
      2. Donated $1,000 - 1995
      3. Wrote a letter and gave support information for the latest grant - 2004
The trail will be great for International Migratory Bird Day.

Programs - 2006
Education Lake Science Trunks
Begun Summer, 2006
PADL acquired a grant from DLWID to place science trunks in the three public schools. PADL is working with Kristin Lavy, LBL ESD Community Curriculum and Resource Liaison, National Board Certified Teacher, Lincoln County School District. Check back for a progress update.

Invasive Species & Blue-green algae
Protect Your Waters and the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
PADL has worked with Robyn Draheim at Portland State University Center for Lakes and Reservoirs to provide signs at various areas around the lake and to property owners. The Oregon Human Services sign about Blue-green algae health concerns was brought to the attention of DLWID for posting. The science trunks will include invasive species information.

Lincoln Land Legacy Program Advisory Committee - Lincoln County, Newport, Oregon
A Lincoln County program that PADL encouraged DLWID to participate in -
The purpose of the program is to acquire, on a willing-seller basis, lands and conservation easements focused on the preservation of the scenic and aesthetic character of Lincoln County and/or on providing access to recreation and scenic areas. The program seeks to preserve key elements of the natural landscape character of Lincoln County through these easement acquisitions.
  The emphasis of the Lincoln Land Legacy Program is on the protection of view sheds, scenic areas and access to recreation elements not currently addressed by regulatory or other conservation initiatives. The program also seeks opportunities to work with other conservation organizations and initiatives for acquisitions that fulfill multiple conservation objectives.
   PADL encourages property owners with significant wetlands to investigate this program. For info contact Lincoln County at 265-4100, 225 W Olive, Newport, Oregon.
Paul Robertson, DLWID manager, is on the committee and can be contacted at 994-5330.

Rock Creek Dam modification
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

1/28/06 - Fred Seavey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist gave a PowerPoint presentation at the January 2006 PADL meeting. He described the Oregon Coastal Program. The purpose of the program is to serve coastal communities by providing tools to identify priority habitats, conserve coastal habitats through voluntary locally-initiated conservation efforts; restore coastal habitats by working with partners on restoration projects; focus resources through conservation alliances, and educate others on coastal ecosystems. PADL helped connect the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the Rock Creek dam modification project.
-Fred Seavey moved to Maine 11/06

Watercraft Wash Station
Summer, 2006
PADL became aware of the L.L. Bean manual on constructing a boat wash station to prevent the spread of invasive species. There had been talk for years about constructing a station, but with this manual, came renewed interest. PADL contacted DLWID and was told that if they began the process, DLWID would help later. DLWID has other priority goals at present. PADL sponsored a Kayak Mini-Regatta on August 26 to begin to raise funds for the project.

Other Programs
Backyard Habitat
Naturescaping - a program of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
PADL promotes the use of native plants for shoreline habitat. In May 2006 had Bruce Waugh speak about native plants at IMBD. National Wildlife Federation has certified backyard habitats.

Bat boxes
PADL paid for the materials for Chester Noreikis to construct a bat box that was placed at a PADL member's house.

International Migratory Bird Day
PADL has hosted the event for six years.

Oregon Coast Birding Trail
PADL attended almost all of the public meetings held in Lincoln City. Devils Lake provides habitat for migratory birds. The organizers really wanted to work with Audubon.

Rain Gardens
PADL is investigating the use of rain gardens that use native plants to deter stormwater runoff.

Summer, 2006
PADL held a kayak mini-regatta at the Union 50 Club. A PADL member owned 5 kayaks that we used.

Wildlife Festival
In the past PADL has hosted a Wildlife Festival. Devils Lake has more than birds to celebrate.

Wood Duck nest boxes
PADL supports Al Rice's wood duck nest box program. Although not a specific PADL program, PADL helped Al acquire grant funds from NW Natural through their employee giving program.

Educational display about lake environment, water safety, and invasive species at Surf City

Surf City at the Chinook Winds Casino - September 22-24, 2006
PADL will help with the DLWID display at the event in conjunction with the North Lincoln Fire and Rescue Department booth.

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